Yet another Friday WrapUp — a quick and easy way for you to keep up with some of the things I’ve read, watched, played or experienced this week.

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I’ve been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for just over a month now and things are going great.

I am planning a blog post and email on it, hopefully in a week or two, but in the meanwhile, I am hoping you were able to read the last blog post titled “How I Travel” that I sent earlier in the week.

Let me know how you liked it?

If not, please go and check it out, it’s over 2000 words and has some pretty pictures as well 🙂

Last few weeks have been mostly about work and party here in Chiang Mai, so I didn’t get to a lot of content, but below are some of the things I’ve enjoyed reading and watching and hope you will find useful.

MovieThe Walk. I was lucky enough to see it at the Chiang Mai’s 3D IMAX theater and it was a total blast. I loved the movie both for the cinematic quality but also as a love letter to Paris and NYC. Having the first person view of 1970s NYC from the Twin Towers, brought vivid memory of my last visit there, 2 days before 911. Needless to say it was very emotional to watch the movie. If you are afraid of heights, I am not sure I would recommend it though 😉

MovieThe Little Prince. I really really liked this cartoon. The water color animation is amazing and the story moves along so well. Now I am thinking to re-read the book itself.

Documentary SeriesThe Truth About Cancer. Yes, it is controversial, yes, many claims in the series are not “scientifically proven”, yet I was fascinated to learn more about this disease, the history of conventional and unconventional treatment and see the “miraculous” remissions, even if they are only “anecdotal”. See it for yourself and draw any necessary conclusions.

MeditationInner Child Guided Meditation by Mary Maddox. I have been off my regular awareness meditation last few weeks, but realizing I was lacking the “me” time, I started doing the Inner Child Guided meditation by Mary. If you are new to meditation and/or interested in connecting better with your inner child (my personal belief is that we all can benefit from a stronger connection), this is a great start.

Book – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. I worry a lot. Most of it subconsciously. So I decided to re-read (listen) this classic on a recommendation by Tim Ferriss. It is somewhat simplistic but has a great deal of ready-to-apply techniques and vivid reminders and examples on how to stop worrying as much and improve the quality of my life. I took copious notes and adjusted my lifestyle and daily routine accordingly. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to minimize the amount of worry and stress they are putting themselves under.

Music – Kiasmos by Kiasmos. This is my goto album this week, when I am getting work done. I discovered it while listening to the great “Brain Food” playlist on spotify and have been listening to it non-stop. It must have increased my productivity two times.

Until next time,