Yosemite Point, Yosemite National Park. Image by Arkadiy Birger

Yosemite Point, Yosemite National Park. Image by Arkadiy Birger

I’ve been feeling guilty lately.

When I set out to do this “newsletter” thingy, I was hoping to be much further along with writing up content, sharing stories, ideas and cool things that are happening. 

And I  failed. Hence the guilt.

It’s been about 6 weeks since my last email and I’ve been asked more than once by my friends and family “Have I missed your emails or you just stopped writing?”.

So I decided to break the silence and cheat a little…

Introducing Friday WrapUp 🙂  — a quick and easy way for me to update you on some of the cool things I’ve read, watched, played or experienced this week.

My inspiration comes from the likes of Tim Ferriss, who has recently introduced his “5-Bullet Friday” and prior to that Sean Ogle‘s Newsletter Cool Stuff section.

Basically it’s a cheat way to stay connected, share cool stuff and not skip a week. Let me know what you think!

I promise to resume my longer, more insightful emails very very soon!

So without further ado here it is a bullet list of cool/interesting stuff.

New app/software I am playing with – Active Campaigns. I have switched my email marketing/emailing service provider from the completely outdated and miserable to use MailChimp toActiveCampaigns and so far I love it. Actually this exact email is being sent to you via this service. I am much rather pay $9 a month for the ease and functionality than suffer needlessly for free with MailChimp.

Book I just finished – The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself . Although Michael Singer loses me a bit towards the end where he delves into religion and name drops various entities, I found this book exhilaratingly simple to follow in real life. Notice, I said simple, not easy. For me this book encompasses many of the mindfulness and “self” teachings I have discovered so far, and provides a clear path to increasing my self-awareness and happiness. If you are a spiritual non-religious person like myself, I think reading Sam Harris’ altogether excellent Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion  followed by The Untethered Soul will help you cut through the bullshit and paint a clearer picture of the world your mind lives in. Highly recommend. Speaking of mindfulness, this article was highly entertaining: Mindfulness is a capitalist grift: How faux enlightenment maintains our status quo

Blog post that came in time – I’ve met Johnny in Chiang Mai, Thailand this past winter. He is a minor celebrity there, among the expat and digital nomad community. His blog post 26 Reasons I’m not Moving Back to the U.S. and Why I’m Staying in Chiang Mai came just in time this week, as I am contemplating moving back to Chiang Mai for a while.

Music I am rocking my mornings to ok ok, rocking is not a correct term, but I’ve been spending solid one hour or more, listening to the Productive Morning playlist on Spotify. Generally I find myself using Spotify almost exclusively lately, with some sprinkling of internet streaming of the Russian rock stationNashe Radio.

One item I carry with me daily – A friend recently made fun of my knife-toting. On my recent trip to Cali I forgot to put my Kershaw 1605 Clash Folding Knife into my suitcase and ended up having to give it up at the security checking. So I re-ordered it on Amazon again. It’s a cheap, extremely versatile pocket knife that I have been using for few years now. Just thought I throw the mention out there.

Mindblowingly sad stuffyesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. My mind couldn’t really grasp the extent of the horrendous damage and destruction of lives and the city itself, until I saw (and “ran” the model) the model of the Hiroshima bombing on www.pri.org. Of course living next to NYC, I applied it to the Apple. It’s downright scary, sad, crazy and mindblowing what destruction we are capable of inflicting on ourselves.

Less sad stuff (still sad) – No more of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart after 16 years of broadcasting on basic cable. I gotta find myself a replacement for satire news, as it is usually the only news I watch. Any suggestions?

On the final note – humans are weird, creative, amazing, powerful beyond understanding and totally unique. Just check out the Iron Cowboy, a man who has just finished his completely insane, world-record-setting challenge:  50 triathlons, in 50 days, in 50 different states. That’s 3.86km of swimming, 180.25km on a bike and a full 42.2km marathon, every single day days . I am impressed.

P.S. As always, reply back and let me know anything I can help you with – what are you working on right now? Did you like this Friday Wrapup?

P.S.S. I’ve started posting the previous issue of this email on my personal website. You can see the archive here