Morning Bazar, Inle Lake, Myanmar. Feb 2015. Image by Arkadiy Birger

Morning Bazar, Inle Lake, Myanmar. Feb 2015. Image by Arkadiy Birger

Yet another Friday WrapUp — a quick and easy way for me to update you on some of the cool things I’ve read, watched, played or experienced this week.

This week has been a relatively quiet one for me in terms of new discoveries. Some of it had to do with me getting a minor surgery done on Tuesday — removing the titanium plate and 6 screws placed last year, as a result of my motorcycle accident.

The surgery went well, and at this point I am fully recovered and have a clean bill of health from my surgeon, and medical clearance to engage in any normal activities, except anything that involves a direct contact with the collarbone (no sparring or falling off motorcycles for now). I am back on my motorcycle already, as a matter of fact.

That restriction is going away in a month or so, as soon as my body fills the screw holes in the collarbone with bone matter.

Below is an X-ray of my bionic collarbone with the plate still in there. I am yet to contact the hospital to retrieve the plate, as I want to keep it as a memento. This is by far the most expensive piece of metal I’ve ever owned, having cost me approximately $15,000 in cold hard cash.

An Xray of my right collarbone with a titanium plate and 6 screws

An Xray of my right collarbone with a titanium plate and 6 screws

Great short talkWisdom From The Tribe: Why To Never Fear People’s Judgment. Look around you, and realize that there are many many people around you (people you both personally know and total strangers) who are simply crazy. Would you get too concerned if a crazy person screamed obscenities at you, as you pass by an insane asylum? Of course you wouldn’t! So why do it in a regular day-to-day life? This talk is a great perspective shifter and a must watch. It’s funny too.

Article – You Need to Go and See a Therapist. The Book of Life is my regular read. Created and curated as part of the School of Life, by the contemporary philosophers and thinkers like Alain de Botton it’s a great read and a valuable resource. In this chapter named “What is Therapy For?” they discuss the stigmatization of psychotherapy and the why it shouldn’t be looked down upon, as well as how it could be beneficial to everyone, even the “not crazy” among us.

JournalSelf Journal (on Kickstarter). I love journals. There is something about the old style, hard cover book-like journals that is very appealing to me. My good friends Cathryn and Allen just launched an already very successful Kickstarter campaign to print a new productivity/creativity journal that provides you with the daily structure for success. I recommend it, not only because it will help you to achieve your goals (it will), but it will also be one of the most beautiful journals you have ever held in your hands, due to Cathryn’s tremendous artistic talent as well as painstaking (or obsessive, depending on the view lol) attention to details.

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