Sending out the second of the Friday WrapUp 🙂  — a quick and easy way for me to update you on some of the cool things I’ve read, watched, played or experienced this week.

New app/software I am playing with – 
Buffer App (free). I am into digital marketing lately and Buffer helps me staying sane, by allowing to smartly schedule social media posts and post to multiple platforms at once. It also allows for better analytics than say Facebook alone, and very easy reposting of the content. I am still working on creating a more streamlined system, but Buffer is becoming a very important part of it

Book I am reading – The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. A friend recommended I read this book few weeks ago, and I just starting to listen to it on Audible. It’s a monster (over 20 hours of audio), so it will probably take me over a month to complete, but I am looking forward to educating myself on a disease that seems to pervade all families. I am curious to separate fact from fiction, in particular.

Blog post/article – The Bomb Didn’t Beat Japan… Stalin DidLast week I posted a link about the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing (and Nagasaki 3 days later). This article goes beyond the conventional (and convenient) ideas of why the bombs were dropped, why Japan surrendered “immediately” and what were the main drivers of this surrender. Hint — it’s not the bomb. This article blew my mind right open with statistics about the conventional US bombings of Japan prior to Hiroshima and the extent of destruction the US bombers inflicted upon Japanese cities (some suffered 99.5% destruction). What this article reminds me, is that you can’t ever fully trust the official story, ever, and have to look for an alternative source(s); and try to eliminate emotions as much as possible. A must read if you are at all curious about history.

Movie – Antarctica: A Year on Ice. I am a total sucker for documentaries, and Netflix keeps feeding them to me, with their sneaky suggestion algorithm. This one I loved. It’s not one of those fancy, super-polished BBC movies with multi-million dollar cameras and Tom Hanks narrations (those are great too), nor is it a reality-TV-style dramatic-voice-over feature. Instead A Year on Ice is an amateur-pro take on day-to-day living and working in Antarctica, filmed over the last 10 years. Time lapse photography is amazing and visually stunning, and it allows the viewer to compress days and weeks and months of natural processes into seconds and try to begin to to comprehend the grandeur and magic of our planet if only on the screen. If you are at all interested in ice, Antarctica, all things research, adventure and are fascinated or scared or excited by the prospect of not seeing the sun for 6 months, this movie is for you.

antartica movie
Clearly I’ve had enough summer and I am ready for winter, as I doubled down on snow/ice/cold/penguins movies by also watching Antarctic Edge: 70° South on Netflix. This one is more of a professional production, with emphasis on science and climate change. I liked it alot, even though for some reason it only gets 3.5 stars on IMDB. Must the right-wing republican climate-change-deniers that rated it so low.

Look out for – as I am gearing up for an extended trip to SE Asia again, I decided to write up a post on my digital nomad packing list. So if you are into that stuff, I am hoping to put it together next week. In the meanwhile, I am shopping for a travelling bag – send your recommendations my way, much appreciated! You can see the timelapse video of my last trip’s gear packing on Youtube.

Speaking of – I came across this article on FB earlier in the week, and although I don’t agree with it 100%, it makes a lot of valid observations as to why we prefer to travel alone. Check it out: People Who Travel Alone All Have One Thing In Common: They’re Wise. I’ve met plenty of total idiots who travel alone, by the way, so my main gripe is with the title, but they had to appeal to people’s vanity, so that’s ok 😉

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